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Brand Name


Planta Base

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Real street style food, naturally flavoured and 100% plant based.

It is just as good or even better with plants.


In partnership with Not Co.   

Food Type

Vegan Burgers

Current Locations

Buenos Aires, Arg

Córdoba, Arg

Santiago de Chile, Cl

Bogotá, Co

¿Why plant-based burgers?

Our current food system, which is based on animal farming is using up to ⅓ of our land and emitting more CO2 than all CO2 produced by transportation globally. What if we shifted to a more plant-based system?_@NotCo

If you're interested in opening Planta Base in your own kitchen please don´t be shy and contact us to join the team. We would love to have you onboard.

¿How to open your own Planta Base?

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