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Our story

Crazy about food, obsessed with design and guided by data.

It all started with a shared dream between a French (Alex) and a Belgian (Gaspard) who were passionate about food but had a hard time getting quality food every day, 3 times a day. 


Cooking takes time. 

Going to the restaurant is expensive and not adapted for ever-day use.

Food for delivery is still made by traditional restaurants, arrives in an hour, cold, in an oily packaging and is not necessarily healthy.

Kitchenita launched its first digital native brand in March 2020 through data intelligence and specially designed for the delivery industry.


Meet us


Alexandre Boccara

Founder & CEO

Favorite dish

Falsa Grita < Planta Base


Gabriel Gonzalez Palaez

General Manager - Chile

Favorite dish

Pink Poke < Limu


Gaspard Hambückers


Favorite dish

White Poke Bowl < Limu


Ximena Mejía

General Manager - Colombia

Favorite dish

Grass Bowl < Jardín


Leonardo Lucianna


Favorite dish

Root Bowl < Jardín

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